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F Section (Students) Index - Students

FA                             Equal Educational Opportunities

FAC                           Services for Homeless Students

FBA                          Admissions and Attendance:  Eligibility and Admissions Requirements

FBAA                        Admissions and Attendance:  Foreign Exchange Students

FBAB                        Admissions and Attendance:  Military Children

FBAC                        Admissions and Attendance: Student Enrollment

FBB                          Admissions and Attendance:  Compulsory Education

FBB                          Exhibit A

FBBA                        Dual Enrollment 

FBF                          Admissions and Attendance: Re-Entry into Public Schools

FDA                          Health Requirements and Services:  Physical Examinations

FDAB                       Health Requirements and Services:  Immunizations

FDAC                       Health Requirements and Services:  Medical Treatment

FDACB                     Health Requirements and Services:  Student Self-Treatment for Asthma or Diabetes

FDACC                    Health Requirements and Services:  Students with Potentially Life Threatening Allergies

FDACD                    Health Requirement and Services:  Medical Recommendations by School Personnel to Parents

FDAD                       Health Requirements and Services:  Communicable Diseases

FDAE                       Students Infected with AIDS, HIV, or ARC

FDAF                       Concussion and Head Injury

FDD                         Student Welfare:  Child Abuse

FDE                         Wellness Policy Adoption Process

FDEA                       Wellness Policy

FE                            Student Records:  “Education Records” Defined

FEA                          Education and Family Privacy

FF                            Student Activities

FFA                          Student Activities:  Publications and Prior Review

FFD                          Student Activities:  Non Enrolled District Students Participation in Extracurricular Activities

FFE                           Student Concussions and Head Injuries

FG                            Clubs:  Curricular and Non-curricular Student Groups

FGAA                       Student Conduct:  Demonstrations

FGAB                       Student Conduct:  Interfering Devices and Electronic Communication Devices

FGAC                       Bus Conduct

FGAD                       Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Bullying and Cyber-bullying

FGB                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Married Students

FGC                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Pregnant Students

FGD                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Interrogations and Searches

FGE                         Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Student Complaints

FH                            Student Discipline

FHAA                       Student Conduct – Tobacco/Alcohol, Controlled & Non-Controlled Substance

FHAA                       Student Conduct - Exhibit 1

FHAB                       Safe Schools:  Sexual Harassment

FHAC                       Safe Schools:  Hazing

FHAE                       Safe School:  Disruptive Student Behavior

FHAF                       Safe Schools- Emergency Safety Interventions

FHD                         Relations with Governmental Agencies and Local Governmental Authorities

FI                             Student Fees

FIA                           School Fund Raisers

FJ                            Students Leaving with Adults

FJA                          Access to Students by Law Enforcement and DCFS  

FJA                          Exhibit 1

FK                            Student School Uniforms

FL                            Technology Acceptable User Agreement

FLA                          Student Technology Handbook

FLA                          Exhibit A (iPad Pledge)

FLA                          Exhibit B (Acceptance Form)