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Policy FBBA - Dual Enrollment

Policy FBBA - Dual Enrollment (PDF)

Issue Date: July 15, 2020

Updated: February 22, 2024

Any child who is enrolled in a regularly established private school or a home school may also enroll in a District school for dual enrollment purposes. Any dual enrollment student may participate in any academic activity in the schools of the District subject to compliance with the same rules and requirements that apply to a full-time student’s participation in the activity.  Dual enrollment students are required to attend school part-time as prescribed by the School Board.  In addition, a student who attends a portion of the school day at a District school shall be subject to administrative scheduling and teacher discretion of the District’s school. Dual enrollment students are subject to the school’s tardy and truancy policies according to the school’s pre-established time schedules.  

A student enrolled in a dual enrollment program is considered a student of the District for purposes of state funding to the extent of the student's participation in the District school’s programs.

A dual-enrollment student with a disability may participate as a dual enrollment student consistent with State Board rule and federal regulations. The school shall prepare an IEP for such a student prior to the student’s participation in dual enrollment using comparable procedures to those required for identifying and evaluating public school students. A student with a disability seeking dual enrollment is entitled to services for the time, or the number of courses, that the student is enrolled in the public school, based on the decision of the IEP team.

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