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Policy GK - Firearm Safety Training

Policy GK-Firearm Safety Training (PDF)

Issue Date: November 20, 2013


It is the intent of Juab School District Board of Education to authorize appropriate firearm safety training by following Utah Administrative code R277-611.

  • Any person or volunteer seeking to offer firearm safety training using District facilities must be certified by the Utah Bureau of Criminal Identification. The person providing the training must provide documentation, and must have completed a fingerprint background check consistent with Section 53A-3-410 prior to advertisement. Live ammunition shall not be brought on school District property as part of the firearm safety training. 
  • Students, District employees, and community groups shall be allowed to use appropriate District facilities for firearm training free of charge as long as no profit is being realized and is consistent with Juab School District facility rental agreement.Any organization seeking to offer firearm safety training and realize a profit will be subject to the Juab School District facility rental agreement fee schedule.