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Policy GD - Relations with Colleges and Universities: Teacher Education and Internships

Policy GD-Parent Access to District Curriculum (PDF)

Issue Date October 20, 2021


Access to Curriculum

The curriculum used by the District and the schools in the District shall be made readily accessible and available for parents to view. Parents of students enrolled in the District shall be given notice each year of how they may access and view the District’s curriculum materials. The information on how to access and view the curriculum materials shall also be posted on the District’s website.

Utah Code § 53G-4-402(24) (2021)

Parent Access to Online Course Learning Management Systems

For purposes of this policy, the following definitions apply:

  1. A “learning management system” is a software application for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting, automation, or delivery of an online course.
  2. An “online course” is a course that the District provides to a student over the Internet.

Utah Code § 53G-6-804(1) (2021)

The District shall provide to a parent of any student enrolled in an online course access to the learning management system for the course. The materials and information that the parent shall have access to shall include, at a minimum, the curriculum used for the course and information about the progress and learning of the parent’s student, including assessment results. The District shall also provide the student and a student’s parent with training or orientation to help them understand how to access the online management system, the online course, and any online tools used to deliver the online course or instruction.

Utah Code § 53G-6-804(2) (2021)