Policy GAB - Publishing of School Report Cards

Policy GAB-Publishing of School Report Card (PDF)

Issue Date August 19, 2015


Publishing of School Report Card

Except for schools that the State Board of Education has exempted from school grading, on or before September 1 of each year, the District shall publish the school report card and grades for the prior year for each school in the District on its website, and shall also publish on each school’s website the prior year’s report card and grade for that school. (Schools designated as ‘alternative schools’ by the State Board of Education receive report cards but not grades.) At the same time, the District shall also publish the current school improvement plans for each school on the District and school websites.

Utah Code § 53A-1-1112(6) (2013)

Utah Code § 53A-1-1104 (2014)

Utah Code § 53A-1-114(1) (d) (2014)

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