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Policy FDF - Positive Behaviors Plan

Policy FDF - Positive Behaviors Plan (PDF)

Issue Date: November 18, 2020

Updated: April 18, 2024


In this policy: 

1. “Positive behaviors plan” means a plan to address the causes of student use of tobacco, alcohol, electronic cigarette products, and other controlled substances through promoting positive behaviors. 

2. “Positive behaviors specialist” means an individual designated to administer a positive behaviors plan. 

Utah Code § 53G-10-407(1) (2023) 

Creation of Positive Behaviors Plan for Each School 

The principal of each school in the District shall create a positive behaviors plan for that school. The plan shall be based on the input of students, parents, and staff and shall address issues including peer pressure, mental health, and creating meaningful relationships. It may include programs, clubs, service opportunities, and pro-social activities. The plan shall be submitted to the Board of Education for review and approval. 

Utah Code § 53G-10-407(2) (2023) 

Designation of School Positive Behaviors Specialist 

The District shall identify one or more positive behavior specialist for each school. The specialist or specialists shall receive an additional stipend from funds provided by the State Board of Education. 

Utah Code § 53G-10-407(3), (4) (2023) 


The positive behaviors specialist (or specialists) for each school shall annually submit a written report to the Board of Education detailing how the school’s positive behaviors plan was implemented in the prior year. 

The Board of Education shall submit an annual report to the State Board of Education confirming that each school in the District has an approved positive behaviors plan. 

Utah Code § 53G-10-407(5) (2023) 

Utah Admin. Rules R277-910-5 (August 12, 2020)