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Related Services

Occupational and Physical therapy services are available in a school-based setting. Occupational Therapy: OTs and OTAs provide individualized services to students in Juab School District aged 3-22 in general or special education who have a disability that interferes with their educational performance. Student areas of need that occupational therapy may work on include: academics, play and leisure, social participation, self-care, and transition/work skills in the school environment. Occupational therapy provides preventing, promoting, and compensatory services through direct, indirect, and consultation to students, parents, and teachers.

Physical Therapy: PTs and PTAs provide specialized services to students with disabilities in movement and function in Juab School District - PreK, Elementary, Junior High, and High Schools. Physical therapy promotes motor development in the school environment, ensuring safety in everyday activities. The PTs and PTAs design and perform therapeutic interventions, focusing on functional mobility in educational activities and in the learning environment. If you have any questions or think your child may require related services please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 Anita Beales - MOT, OTR/L

  Larsen Jana

Jana Larsen - COTA/L

Larsen Heather

Heather Larsen

Taran Wright

Taran Wright