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Second Step SEL Curriculum

What is Second Step? 

Universal, classroom-based, social-emotional learning curriculum for Kindergarten-Grade 5 that nurtures children’s social-emotional competence and foundational learning skills.

How is Second Step used in JuabSD?

Weekly thirty-minute Second Step lessons (22 total) are taught in each elementary classroom by the school counselor or skills coach. Teachers are present during the lesson and provided with daily follow-up activities to use with their classes. Our district teaches social and emotional learning to encourage effective classroom management and a positive school climate. Our purpose is to instruct all students on the behavioral expectations of our school. We have carefully selected a curriculum in the elementary Second Step program that fits our demographics and that aligns with our model for teaching. The skills that are taught include having empathy, taking responsibility for our actions, and problem-solving. They include skills for learning such as listening and focusing attention.

It is not the school’s desire or intention to teach students about politics, critical race theory, or social injustice.

The Committee For Children who authored the original Second Step Elementary Kit (which we use) has now added a link to their website: Anti-Racism and Anti-Bias Resources: A Focus on Transformative Social-Emotional Learning. Our district is NOT promoting or using any of these resources.  

Parents are welcome to see the curriculum in action. Please contact the elementary school counselor, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with specific questions. 

A complete list of the units and weekly Lesson Concepts for Grades K–5:

Second Step Full Scope and Sequence

Activities for reviewing and strengthening social-emotional skills at home: 

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