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Child Nutrition Update

Nationwide shortages of food items, supplies and labor have impacted our Child Nutrition program. We are doing everything in our power to provide what is listed on the menu. Please be patient with us if changes have to be made. We are having a hard time getting supplies for food service, so you may see a variety of ways the food is being served. Breakfast and lunch will remain free for the remainder of the school year 2021-22. Federal guidelines allow each student enrolled in Juab School District to receive ONE breakfast and lunch meal. Please make sure your student understands that they can come through the line ONCE. This helps to ensure each student gets a meal. We are proud of our lunch ladies. They have been on the front line since COVID-19 began and they haven’t stopped. They have been faced with many challenges and continue working hard, with smiles on their faces. In the month of September they served 36,000 lunches and 9,500 breakfasts!

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we strive to serve your students the best quality meals possible. If you have questions or concerns please contact Marni Shepherd at 623-1940.